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Russia and the rest of the world: to what extent are we similar to each other? There is something in common actually: the American tragedy of September 11 showed that we had the same sense of compassion. Long before this date, during the times of the World War II, we found that we could equally hate, as well as fight: against fascism, terrorism...

How much do we have in common as far as having fun is concerned? Can the Russian, English, French, Americans, Chinese, Germans, Japanese people laugh at one and the same things? When we got interested in this question, we created a site called "Russia Makes It Funny." On this site we collected all funny stories that are possible to find in the Russian media outlets. Our colleagues from a widely popular Russian on-line publication PRAVDA.Ru share something with us exclusively too.

If it is funny, then have fun! If not, then criticise. We will carefully watch the discussions of all articles, which are going to be published on the site. On the other hand, you can offer something for posting yourself - the things, which other people may like. This is the e-mail: We will be watching the development of the project, hoping that the Russian image of a bear, constantly drinking vodka, will dissipate.

Good luck and good fun!


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