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Estonian President's wife receives official wages just for being a wife

From now on the wife (or the husband) of the Estonian President is going to receive the monthly wages of 1,100 euros. This is a new Estonian law.  Last Thursday, January 26th, the Estonian Parliament passed the law that substantially extends the official privileges of the President's wife (husband).  a pack of euro notes
According to the press-cutting service, the decision of the Parliament was unanimous. The law has been developed and proposed  to the Parliament by the parties of the ruling coalition. By the new law, the president's wife will get a monthly pay of about 17,000 kroons ( €1,100) which is 30 percent of the President's monthly wages. The first lady will also be provided with a car and a driver, a secretary and security guards. More than that, with her husband's presidency over, the first lady  will go on getting a pension of 11 thousand kroons (700 euros).

At present, the Estonian first lady has only one privilege - she receives a pension due to the loss of the bread-winner. The authors of the law argument these kinds of payments are necessary because president's wives take up their commitments for no wages, sacrificing their positions and future chances for the career. 

So far the law is relevant for only two ladies: Helle Meri, the wife of Lennart Meri, who became the President of Estonia immediately after the retrieval of Estonia's independence (1992 - 2001), and Ingrid Ruutel, thw wife of incumbent President Arnold Ruutel.

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