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And the most sexually happy nation is…

Ruper Starch – the American sociological company published the sensational results of its work. As it turned out, the most sexually satisfied nation was the Ukrainians. The sociologists came to conclusion that the love life of a human being depended on money - but not the way we are used to thinking – quite on the contrary. Healthy sex and money are not compatible.

The research was carried out in 30 countries of the world, men and women between 21 – 50 years old participated in it – about 20 thousand people on the whole. The scientists compared the results, which were received in highly-developed countries and the countries of the so-called third world. Ukraine topped the list of 10 most sexually happy countries. The political, economic crises and other shaky events do not prevent the Ukrainians from enjoying sex. The citizens of Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil and Hungary support this attitude to life too, although the economic situation in those countries could not be called “stable” either. The results of the research showed there was no sex in the developed countries. This particularly concerns Italy and Germany. Like the specialists concluded, the high living standard prevented the citizens of those countries from making love. This is rather weird, for the lack of calories in the organism does not surely add sexual energy. However, the poorer a person is the more active and inventive he or she is, when it comes to sexual life. By the way Russia does not subject to that principle, according to the results of the research. While the rich finds satisfaction in money, the poor finds it in bed, the Russians are aside from all the joys of living. Ruper Starch put our economically unstable country on the last but one position of the list of sexually unhappy countries. On the whole, only 20% of all people who participated in the research (between 30-40 years old) are happy with their love life and their well-being does not have to do anything about it.

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