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Toothache sends man to jail instead of to dentist's

Toothache sends a West Valley man to jail instead of the dentist. Thirty-four-year-old Brook Akins called 911 dispatchers 12 times in the span of five hours with most of those calls lasting around 30 minutes each. He said his tooth hurt and he was tired of the pain. He refused an ambulance, didn't want a visit from police, but wanted phone numbers for someone who could help ease his toothache. And he wanted illegal drugs off the streets.

Toothache sends man to jail instead of to dentist'sThe man said drugs were given away like "Trick or Treat" and he wanted it stopped.

Dispatchers are required to find out why the caller has called 911 and establish if they are OK or need medical or police assistance. Akins' needs were not clear to dispatchers so they sent police to his apartment for a welfare check. He was also warned he could be charged with 911 Abuse.

But that didn't stop the calls. Akins continually asked for help but dispatchers were unable to find out what he needed. Each call they were required to follow protocol and ask Akins what he needed. The record of those calls shows Akins telling a dispatcher he was going to tell "the President, George Bush" if he didn't get help but then couldn't explain what help he needed.

Akins finally pulled out all the stops and said he would tell CNN's Nancy Grace and "the record would become clear" when it would be broadcast on TV.

Police returned to Akins' apartment and arrested him for 911 Abuse. They say he was intoxicated. Ironically, Akins had a dentist appointment the next day.

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