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Boobs on Bikes paralyze Christchurch town

The Boobs on Bikes parade hit town today to promote the start of the Erotica Lifestyles Expo at the Christchurch Convention Centre.

Boobs on Bikes paralyze Christchurch townNine pairs of boobs and four greased and muscled men circled the city on the backs of Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Audience participation was minimal but a few whoops and an appreciative roar sounded when one of the girls used her assets to polish the helmet (motorcycle helmet) of the bearded ogre piloting her bike.

Crowd reaction to the display was divided almost exactly down gender lines.

"Over-rated" and "totally and utterly tacky" was the verdict from Roberta Hannah and an unnamed friend who were lunching at an Oxford Terrace cafe, reports.

"I can think of better things to do with my lunch hour," she said.

Four pensioners on holiday from Liverpool, England, said they had not expected such a welcome to conservative Christchurch but didn't mind as it was "just a bit of fun."

Spectators Iain Marshall and Kliff Tappin said it was good to see a wide variety of peole enjoying the spec tacle.

"People say sex and perversion are wrong but look at it - when it's free to the public, half the city comes out," said Tappin.

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