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Men's backsides rated as ultimate attraction for all women on Earth

The majority of men think that women love to stare at men's protruding body parts. And this is a typical men’s mistake. Women actually like square-built men but the most important thing about men for women worldwide is well-shaped buttocks. Why is it so? Physiologists say that gluteal muscles let men make a straight lunge during sexual contacts, which in its turn means that such men stand a better chance of fertilization. It is certainly an important indication of sexuality. Guys can make their buttocks super attractive if they regularly make at least 30 quick squats in the morning and in the evening. Men's buttocks

It is known that women like tall big men. First of all, women since the primeval ages know that big males are better getters. And also, from year to year people are getting taller. The average height has increased by 8 centimeters over the past fifty years and forecasts say that humans will become five centimeters even taller within the past fifty years. Taller people are believed to be more progressive from the evolutional point of view. Psychologists state this is the reason why women always seek having babies from more perfect males.

Today, women prefer well-nourished men to lean athletes or sumo wrestlers. A large-scale research conducted in Germany revealed that only fifteen percent of women like muscled men with wonderful relief and no fat. At that, 69 percent of female respondents stated that they found “men’s little paunches rather attractive from the physiological point of view”. Doctors say that the blood of well-nourished men contains a high level of estrogen and it is enough to protect them from cardiovascular diseases. Estrogen prevents clot formation. Men having small paunches will live longer than lean men of the same age. And this explains why women choose fleshy partners . But it is important to know that only slight corpulence is good for health. When men’s weight is fifteen percent is higher than the ideal one (it equals men’s height minus 100) it entails sexual inhibition, short breath and joint pains.

Lean men may get more attractive looks thanks to regular high-calorie nutrition and at least 30-minute jogging every morning. Those who are too stout may improve their body shape if give up the habit of having meals after 8 p.m. (only juice or tea is allowed in this case after 8 p.m. ) and also start jogging (it may take from ten minutes to an hour and a half). It is supposed that thanks to the measures you will have weight that is very much like the ideal one.

According to an opinion poll conducted by Britain’s Eve magazine, seven percent of women like when their men’s chests are covered with hair and 54 percent of female respondents prefer medium hairiness. It is astonishing but 89 percent of women strongly protest against depilation of men’s chests. Sexologists say that hair on men’s chests is some type of a sexual stimulator that softly excites women’s tender skin during intimate contacts.

Men having no hair on their chests can invent a story saying that some of their ancestors had sexual contacts with someone belonging to Asiatic nations for whom hair on the chest is not typical. Men can add that instead of hair on the chest they enjoy the wonderful Asiatic potency.

It is believed that shedding of hair is connected with higher production of male hormones with men. However, men often shed hair from their heads because of hyper sensitiveness of hair follicles: their follicles treat the normal hormone level as excessive. So, bold men do not always have high level of hormones.

Men and women have a different notion of a model man. Twenty one percent of men say that a model man must have a muscled body (21 percent of respondents say it is first of all important), muscles on his arms (18 percent), a big pennies (15 percent), he must be tall (13 percent) and slender (10 percent). Men say that other characteristics of a model man are of less importance. But women appreciate absolutely different characteristics in a model man. They say that the most important body part of a model man is his buttocks (39 percent), his tall height (11 percent), his fatness (11 percent), haired chest (7 percent), slenderness (5 percent). It should be mentioned that women ranked the size of a pennies as 20th among their criteria of a model man.

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