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Smart Russian villagers passed an alcohol tube into Latvia

Creative local residents from Buholovo village passed a 1.5 km – long alcohol conductor into Latvia all the way through a border territory that includes a river. Priceless deposit was accidentally discovered by the Latvian hunters who raised an alarm while planting tress in the area.

Smart Russian villagers passed an alcohol tube into LatviaLast week shouts of the Letts from the other side of the Utroya River surprised the Russian border patrol. One of the shouters was waving his arms and pointing at a strange discovery. Apparently these hunters came across a tube of 2.5 cm in diameter reaching across the river from the Russian territory and emitting a firm odor.

According to the Sergey Nitsenko, the head of Pytalovskiy border unit, detailed investigation is led on both sides but so far it has brought no results. Russian policemen complain blame the Letts’ hasty actions for the lack of evidence. Police officer Yakov Kabanov explained that if they had waited for some time in ambush they would have caught the perpetrators red-handed.

In order to lay down the alcohol conductor, resourceful Russian villagers stretched the tube across the river bottom and then buried it 20-25 cm underground. “Even though I have been suspecting that they had something of this sort here I still had a really hard time finding it,” Kabanov says, “If it weren’t for the accident the pipe would have stayed here for another 20 years.”

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