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Sex is the best entertainment that humans could ever invent

sexFertilization stopped being the inevitable consequence of an act of love between a man and a woman as soon as humans invented reliable and harmless contraceptives. On the other hand, one does not need to have sex nowadays to have a child – a woman can get pregnant without a man now. One shall presume that the natural connection between sex and procreation will eventually disappear with the development of modern technologies.

Researchers say that about 19,000 male orgasms occur in the world every second. In other words, six million people living on the globe make love to each other during every second. Just try to imagine that. However, it is obvious that modern people prefer to avoid such painstaking consequences as pregnancy when they undress and start warming up their beds. The international birthrate level makes up only four babies a second, which is a meager number in comparison with 19,000 orgasms during the same ultra-short period of time.

To crown it all, the notion of 'sin' stopped being the direct association of sex as a result of numerous sexual revolutions. To sum up, sex of our times has been liberated of taboos, attacks, threats and warnings.

Sex has become probably the best way for people to enjoy each other. It does have a lot of advantages as opposed to other kinds of pastime. For example, it is way too much cheaper to have sex than go skiing or play  tennis. One does not have to be a professional in sex (experience is always welcome, for course), but it cannot be said about surfing, for instance. Furthermore, sex brings the pleasure of physical satisfaction a lot quicker than reading, collecting stamps or doing the needle-work. Finally, if you have a terrible wish to play basketball, you will need to find several other people having the same wish for a team, otherwise the game will be dull. If you want to have sex, you only need to find one person, who burns with desire from inside, just like you.

It is also important to say at this point that sex unveils true colors of a human being and shows him or her naked, metaphorically and literally. Nice. Sex is the best entertainment that humans could ever invent. Period.

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