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Russian commando smashes bottles on his head and falls asleep on the 24th

In St Petersburg, a young man, who had come back from military service in the airborne troops in autumn, was celebrating his birthday in a company of friends. One of the guests was curious if the man could break a brick with his head. The host was offended by the fact that his friends doubted his abilities. He bet a box of vodka and began demonstrating the abilities he had obtained in the army. Russian commandos

There weren’t any bricks at hand, so the young man began breaking empty beer bottles with his head. The show ended somewhat unexpectedly: when breaking the 24th bottle, the man fell down on the ground unconscious. His friends, who were frightened that he might’ve died, all of a sudden became sober and left the flat.

The man’s body was discovered by his parents who came home next morning. They took him to hospital, where the doctors determined that the man was deeply asleep because of being very drunk. The doctors found many bruises on his head and determined that he had a brain concussion.

What is most remarkable, is that when the man came to his senses and the doctors suggested he stay at hospital, he refused and left the hospital that very evening.

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