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Read between the belly buttons

How do eastern beauties skilled in love choose a partner? They stare below his waist when the occasion offers. No, absolutely not at that part of the body which just came to your mind. A little bit above - at his belly button. It turns out that its fancy shape can tell a lot about its owner…

The owner of the belly button with a clear outline, shaped as a horseshoe would be scared neither by the split pipe in the kitchen, nor by a collapse of the bank where he's been keeping his millions. Your boyfriend is strong-willed, determined and frank. You'll enjoy yourself and feel careless with him. He is delicate and sensitive in bed and easily yields to temptation, especially if demonstrated new red G-strings. He will definitely get you into the sex-shop to buy something interesting.

Question mark

Suggests that your darling is a poet inside and the banker on the outside. A man with such belly button always rides on the wave of popularity. For him sex is sheer emotions and romance. You won't get bored with such a lover: he can pretend to be a naive schoolgirl and the next minute he is taming the wild lioness. He likes experimenting: he tries the positions from the last page of Kamasutra and will certainly seduce you in the little wooden house right in the yard of the kindergarten you both used to go to… You'll ginger up his sexual fantasy by adorning your pretty buns with a tattoo and your charming belly with piercing.  


A belly button formed as a deep thin wrinkle, which looks like a comma will tell you that your partner is gentle and easygoing. He gets along with people quite well that's why he wouldn't climb up the career ladder over the heads of his colleagues. Patient and modest, your beloved will rarely quarrel with you as well as with his future mother-in-law. He's thrilled with endearing words and caresses in bed. But you'll be the one to play the first fiddle in sex.  


You've got the mammy boy! He rarely takes his own decisions and we'll be glad to be henpecked. This adult baby will cry for constant care and attention. You might probably need to cook porridge for him for breakfast. However, this goody-goody is full of erotic fantasies he is too shy to make a reality. Bewitch him with alluring lingerie, heat the passion, caressing his rising flesh! And you'll experience the manna from heaven.


The belly button is formed with the numerous arches. Here's the man who likes to get pleasure and aims at being number one in everything, in sex especially, as he cannot live a single day without it. To sleep under the same blanket with him is the same as to sleep on a volcano: he is temperamental and there's no way you can hide from his passion. This demon lover will be looking for your readiness anytime and anywhere where he's overcome by uncontrollable desire. And the most important is that your mind should be fixed on this almighty god of love only.

Lion's chap

A wide indrawn belly button will signal for an obstinate, strong-willed person who is inclined to fight and is full of vital force. Remember: this man can easily own a harem. His heart it as big as his other important organ - there's a place for everybody. Usually you will not come across such men along the way and as a rule they have several lovers living in different parts of the city. Have you found yourself in a lion's chap already? You'll need to look like the girls from the covers of men's magazines and to be as good in bad as the girls from men's movies so that the king of beasts would not be bored.


A longish deep belly button is the sign of vain man who expects to be told about his numerous great talents every minute. And don't you dare to remind him that his former classmate makes twice as much money as he does. When it comes to sex the long and exquisite prelude is especially important for him. As an egoist he aims at keeping initiative even in bedroom battles. So you've got a crush on this hub of the universe? To live in peace and harmony with him you should accept the rules of his game, the game of hunter and prey. The role of the beautiful prey will have to be masterfully and exquisitely performed by you.

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