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Surfing porno sites on the net can deprive you of your job

Serjio Savoja was a host of the talk-show on the RTSI radio station in the Swiss city of Lugano. Once he had an idea to devote one of his programs to the subject of pornography on the Internet. He got a permission from the bosses and started surfing XXX sites on the world wide web. Time was passing by but the promised program would not be on the air. The supervisors of the radio station started being concerned about it and then checked it all up. As it turned out the 37-year old radio guy was very passionate about his plans – he visited 45 thousand porno sites. He was watching the photographs even when being on the air live, using the computer in the studio (the computer was actually meant for receiving messages from the listeners). Savoja was indignant about the fact he was fired. He claimed he was surfing those sites with the only one objective – to make a funny radio show. But his bosses did not give it a chance to come true.

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