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Easy sin of masturbation brings loads of money

Everybody has heard the story of Onan the Shepherd who misspent his semen for obnoxious purposes. Eventually, Onan got retribution for his sin or so the story goes according to the Book of Genesis. We can assume that masturbation has been part of life since day one. Masturbation was a reproachable sin in the past. Nowadays people can make tons of money by exploiting it.

“These days vibrators are manufactured in Moscow too. The manufacturers work in close cooperation with the laboratories of the Institute of Latex .” Masturbation makes people rich

Ladies of the evening became the first to make a profit out of masturbation. Peeping at a daughter of joy in action was one of the services rendered to a brothel’s customers. Needless to say, the Peeping Toms were seeking to receive more than just a bit of pure aesthetic pleasure.

Pornographers were quick to make a few pennies out of popularity of the bawdy pictures, which were drawn, copied, printed and marketed to the enthusiasts of graphic lewdness despite numerous bans imposed by the government and church authorities.

Writers wasted no time in catching up with the trend. Get a copy of The Thousand Night and One, a collection of Eastern folk stories, one of the finest specimens of the world’s literary history. Check it out. You will get an idea of what I am talking about if you lucky to obtain a regular, non-castrated, academic version of the translation.

Some doctors were also reported to earn a handsome living by exploiting the notorious subject of self-abuse. According to one of the popular treatises on the dangers of masturbation, published circa 1730, “there are frightful consequences of the heinous sin of self-pollution.” In Victorian England there was a common fear that masturbation led to masturbatory insanity. In other words, having declared masturbation a serious disease, the doctors offered a number of methods for curing it. Yes, you are right. As a rule, treatment was a costly thing. A variety of treatments for masturbation offered by numerous private clinics at the turn of the 20th century included hypnosis and shock therapy. Presumably, the results of such treatment were nil though no official statistics are available. Anyway, it is highly unlikely that the doctors would cut their patients’ hands for therapeutic purposes.

According to statistics of a different sort, 95% of middle-aged men practice masturbation even if they believe their sex life is okay.

On the contrary, about 60% of women give up masturbation once they form a relationship with steady partners.

Pornography is illegal in many countries yet pornographic materials are manufactured on a large scale. I would not be surprised to learn about the existence of a clandestine studio involved in the production of Islamic porno movies somewhere in Qatar . Well, maybe it is just a small sweatshop for duplicating erotic video materials smuggled from the West.

Pornographic industry is 24-hour operation in those countries where the authorities have taken certain steps in an attempt to legalize it. Aside from the masturbators of all kinds, the tax collectors take a lot of pleasure in pornography too. The business is highly profitable, and generates millions of dollars in taxes.

Even Russian companies launched the manufacture of “adult toys.” Some ten years ago, Russian sex shops were selling vibrators, dildos, vibro vaginas and inflatable dolls which were manufactured mostly in China and Poland . These days the vibrators are made by Moscow-based companies, which work in close cooperation with the laboratories of the Institute of Latex (Research Institute of Rubber and Latex Products). According to technologists, Russian-made molds are used in the manufacture of Russian vibrators. The retail price of domestically made products is still higher than that of similar items made in China. However, the Russian dildos are a lot better in terms of quality. Besides, specialists claim that “the product gives you a thrill just like the real thing does, or close…”

100% of secular (i.e. nor relating to or concerned with religion) men and women with IQ above 80 believe masturbating one another is perfectly normal when it comes to foreplay.

“I’ve been dancing in a peepshow at Kuznetsky Most since the late 1990s. It was pretty hysterical. You know, the customers seemed to be sure that I couldn’t see a thing because of that glass they were watching me dance. They believed it was real one-way glass. In fact, it was two-way. So I could see everything. You just can’t imagine all those faces they make when they come. The Vietnamese have been the frequent customers to our joint. Well, money must be tight to mention for them so they’d just cram into that small and darkened room, five or six of them at a time. You know, the room is small enough to hold one person. I could see them really suffer during the show,” says Erica, a Moscow stripper.

Now please remember one thing well: masturbation is not harmful. One the contrary, it is good for your health because masturbation can lessen the buildup of strain in you body. It goes without saying that masturbation is appropriate when a time and a place meet certain requirements. Self-gratification in public is likely hold you up to ridicule, not to mention a brush with the law.

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