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Watch out for hot naked girls…

These days thieves are becoming so sophisticated that their creativity spreads fear. Some of them have already designed special electronic scanners that can break car alarm codes; others have used cranes to drag away vehicles. But the most impressive theft took place in Moscow not very long ago. The crime was performed with such eloquence that even the victims themselves could not help expressing their admiration, Moskovskiy Komsomolets reports.

HeWoman on a beachre is how the stealing was performed – one hot afternoon the Balashikh beach on the Moscow-River shore received special visitors: three extremely attractive girls in an SUV. They got out of the car, approached the water and… took off all their clothes. Then the hotties began splashing near the shore, laughing and capturing everyone’s attention.

On top of that the witnesses claimed that the girls even gave a minor lesbian show and started playfully washing each other, which was met with high approval and wild excitement by the male observers.

While these naked women with sexy bodies gathered around themselves a crowd of admirers, a group of thieves approached the fans’ abandoned cars. Within some fifteen minutes ten cars were robbed clean and four very expensive ones were stolen! As for the three nymphs, after completing their show they quickly got into their car and disappeared in some unknown direction.

Currently both the cars and the performers are being sought by the police. However, the investigators say that it would be very hard to prove the girls’ fault. After all, they were simply bathing…

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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