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Men can now use their stubble to seduce women

George Clooney knows how to wear a beard. In “Syriana” he wore a beautiful thick beard of the “pepper and salt” color. Daniel Dei Luis also looks quite good with his long beard and a mustache. Mel Gibson wearing a beard looks like a hypocrite, but in the movie “The passion of the Christ” it really suits him. And given that even the ex-cowboy and the new sex-symbol Heath Ledger was wearing a neat beard when he immortalized himself in the last issue of GQ USA , we can certainly say that the stubble craze has spread over the world.

And it is even better if a beard is naturally untrimmed. All bearded men are followers of Willis Grant (1822-1885), a general from the South, who later on became the President of the USA. The tendency towards untidiness has reached a totally new level. It seems that all men, heterosexual or homosexual alike, want to behave like boors and dorks.

“As a matter of fact, a beard adds some manliness to the looks as a whole, – insists the chief stylist of Dolce & Gabbana, - Nowadays every man wants to feel his manliness and it is the beard that helps him do it. The times when men depilated their whole body have passed - they want to be more natural and prefer to have a more casual look.

This tendency is mostly seen among 30- and 40-year-old men who hardly ever shave. We can certainly say that the number of young men who come to the hairdresser’s to have their long beard “serviced”, has gone up. They really like it that way themselves, – says Roberto, a barber, - The weaker sex accepted this tendency very positively, although older women prefer clean-shaven men."

Franco Bompieri, the famous Italian hairdresser, says: “Unfortunately, the time when beards were in fashion has passed, at present we can only observe ugly, unkempt, and rather dirty beards. They don't have anything to do with the stylish beards that some time ago were so popular.”

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