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Black babes lose their African spirit and attraction in Moscow

ebony babeAfrican prostitutes have lost their exotic qualities in Russia. Anyone can find dark-skinned fancy girls in almost every brothel. Russian men have been losing their interest in black women, thinking that they are no different than white women. In addition, clients often say that there is nothing that they can talk about with black women.

According to unofficial information, there are about 250 black beauties working in the Moscow sex industry nowadays. The majority of them are former students, who came to Russia for education, but for this or that reason they had to choose another profession. It is worthy of note that almost all of them think that prostitution will help them accomplish something in life a lot faster.

This is what their pimps promise to them as well. The majority of black girls work under the strict guidance of their country-fellows. There are several influential groups in the African diaspora in Moscow, the Nigerian and Cameroonian groups are the two strongest ones of them.

The Moscow police still remember Mohated Radab Selime, a woman from Kenya. She started working as a common prostitute in a brothel near one of the central railways stations in Moscow. However, she soon became the owner of her own brothel. The African female managed to organize the international personnel in her institution, which helped her make up to $100,000 of monthly profit. The woman's competitors from Nigeria did their best to close the prosperous brothel.

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The income from black prostitution in Moscow has considerably dropped lately. "We shouldn't have expanded the market. The demand started decreasing as a result. There were hardly any black prostitutes in Moscow only seven years ago. I used to charge $600 for a night, and the price did not seem to be high to anyone. Nowadays our price level puts us in the same line with suburban chics with less than a hundred bucks per hour.

A lot of African prostitutes do not experience the pleasure of sex: many of them cannot experience orgasm because of the horrible process of female circumcision, which they had been subjected to in their early childhood in Africa. "It is true that many of us cannot experience orgasm with clients. We have to act instead, but it's not the point. When Russian men come to me, they do not want to see an exact copy of Whitney Houston, they want to try sex with a black woman. We try to add some African spirit to what we do not to disappoint the clients. However, we usually say something absolutely stupid in our native language and that's it," a black prostitute nicknamed as Naomi said.

To make matters worse, black prostitutes do not have permanent clients - no one of them can boast of seeing one and the same client for more than three times. One time is enough to understand that there is not much difference between a black beauty and with a common white girl.

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