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Train passes over a drunken man

23-year-old Russian, who was in the state of alcoholic intoxication, fell asleep on the railway lines and did not wake up even after a freight train had stopped above him.
The incident took place in the small village of Dmitrievka in Amurskaya region, Russia.

“40 carriages passed over drunken young man, who fell asleep on the railway lines and did not even wake him up not to mention that they did not hurt him”, said one member if the staff of the linear department of internal affairs Vladimir Slabiy.

According to Slabiy, the train driver saw a man on the railway lines near the station but it was too late to stop. Even after emergency brake application, the train passed over sleeping man.

Railroad men and officers of the transit police arrived to the scene of the accident promptly.

“It was impossible to drag the guy out because of the low boarding of the train. It was decided to pull along the whole train. The man remained sleeping even after that, which of course saved his life”, Slabiy said

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