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Russian gunsmith designs spiky toothbrush to scare hooligans off

A Russian gunsmith from the city of Tula designed a unique piece of cold steel – a club in the form of a big toothbrush.

”I always hated going to the dentist's, - Pavel Savin says. – They were pulling out one of my molars one day and severely damaged my cheek. In addition, I am sick and tired of toothpaste commercials on our television. So I decided I take revenge on dentists and designed a toothbrush-shaped club,” the gunsmith said.

It goes without saying that such a toothbrush will not be good in daily toothcare, but it can be successively used as a weapon to scare street hooligans off. It took Pavel Savin only several days to make the unusual weapon.

Russian collectors were ready to pay up to $200 for the spiky toothbrush. As a result, the gunsmith sold his invention to one of dentist hospitals in his city. Dentists use the toothbrush as an interior decorator.

The brush is 45 centimeters long, it weighs 800 grams. The holder is made of ash-tree (the most shockproof tree). Twenty-three spikes are placed on the top of the club. 

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