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A man fired for eating pizza

The contest Simply Fired was held in the Internet. Its aim was to find out the silliest and the most disgraceful reason for being fired.

A 39-year-old computer programmer Jim Garrison who was given the sack for two pizza slices won the unusual contest.

Jim says that after a corporate party he decided to take home the leftovers of pepperoni. Garrison could not imagine that his colleagues wanted to do the same.

They were outraged when they saw the pizza was gone. They immediately complained to the managers. As a result, Garrison was fired in November last year, one month after he had eaten those two pizza slices.

The programmer won the Grand Prize “Loser”, which is a Caribbean cruise.

Four runners-up received iPod players; another five happy “losers” won T-shirts for their stories.

Three contestants were marked by the jury. One of them lost his job because he was caught while looking through the Simply Fired website.

Some of the stories are really funny. A young man whose college job was delivering furniture for a major retailer lost his job because of playing. Once he and his colleague had to replace the old furniture and suddenly found the adult toys. Two buddies ended up sword fighting with two large vibrators. In the middle of the battle the client and her husband walked in and caught them fighting. They called their manager at once and the two “fighters” were terminated from their jobs.

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