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Thai baker sells severed legs, hands and heads

breadBakery products made by Wichai Singwong look horrible. His little bread-baking factory looks like a dissecting room. However, if you overcome your natural aversion and bite off a piece of a freshly baked head, an arm or a finger, you will immediately realize that this is rather delicious bread indeed.

The idea to bake bread in the form of various human body parts occurred to once unsuccessful sculptor, Wichai Singwong, after he saw the movie Hannibal starring Anthony Hopkins. Singwong apparently thought that people would be willing to buy crispy and tasty loaves and buns that looks like severed hands, arms, heads and fingers. The man managed to convince his father, the owner of the bakery, to make his business more lucrative, diverse and entertaining.

Indeed, fresh hands, legs and heads became very popular with local residents. Later, anatomical bread appeared in elite restaurants and expensive shops too. "I have recently signed contracts with Canadian, Australian and American embassies. They bought a lot of our bread for Halloween celebrations," Wichai proudly said.

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