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Women know more words than men

Men of all nationalities adhere to the opinion that women are too loquacious. They explain the annoying peculiarity with women’s natural talkativeness. However, the situation is even simpler in fact: woman’s vocabulary is much bigger than that of men, and women can express much more ideas. German psychologist, Konstanca Fakih says, vocabulary of an average woman consists of about 23,000 words. The doctor is sure that women are talkative because their vocabulary is twice as large as of men. On the contrary, men treat women’s talks skeptically because they simply don’t understand, about what issues exactly women can be so talkative.

What is especially interesting, the part of brain which is in charge of high talks and talks on the whole, gets blocked with men as soon as night approaches, at the same time, the situation is quite different with women. That is why men mostly keep silent when they come home from work. After a hard working day they are capable of reflex actions only: have a supper, watch TV, brush teeth and go to bed. Their poor vocabulary and blockade of the dialogue zone result only in short answers and indistinct mumbling, not nice dialogues.

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