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Personal training: annoying facts about being personal trainer

The emphasis on personal training should come from the personal trainer's understanding of what works best for their client and an understanding of human movement. Some people think that it is a prestigious job, but actually there is nothin funny about it.

Personal training: annoying facts about being personal trainer1. When a client pulls at a microscopic piece of flab on her thigh and asks, "What exercise can I do to get rid of this one little squidge right here?"

2. People who come to the gym with really, really offensive BO or extreme perfume.

3. Guys who pick a bench and sit and read the newspaper for twenty minutes.

4. "You know, I'm in really good shape even though I haven't been to the gym in over two years."

5. People who sing along to their Walkman.

6. People who think they're cool because they sweat a lot.

7. Guys who get all territorial about machines.

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