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Spanish women to get their own stud farm packed with hot stallions

A new brothel especially for women is to open in Valencia this Autumn.

This type of place is the first in the whole country because it has always been considered "cosa de hombres" (the man's thing) to take up prostitutes. It will be headed by a 35-year-old "Charming Barbara", who has been working in the sex-industry for 8 years now. Male whore

According to the research held by the Institute for national statistics, 25% of Spanish men have taken up a prostitute at least once in their life. However only 2% of women dared to do so as regards to male whores, says Mundo Medico, the medical publisher.

In Spain, it is considered illegal for souteneurs to take anything from the money the prostitutes earn, but it isn’t illegal “to sell sex”. In reality it means that the brothel owners can earn money by “collecting the rent”.

The idea of setting up a brothel for women occurred to Barbara after a conversation with a man who had offered her his services. She set up an agency offering male escorts, but now she intends to open a permanent first class brothel.

There are enough men that would like to work in Barbara’s brothel. And she really knows what her clients want (pictures).

"The men I need shouldn’t just be in great shape. First of all they should know how to lead a conversation," – says Barbara.

Usually, Barbara's clients, who mainly occupy leading positions, spend 1200 euro for a night with one of the men.

Neus Arques, the author of the book about men’s prostitution "Un Hombre de Pago" says many women want to take up a gigolo in order to solve their personal problems. However, Carmen Freixa, a sexologist, thinks Spanish women won't accept the idea of a brothel for women: “They’re not used to regarding men as objects”.

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