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Kevin Costner’s male organ frightens his masseuse

A trial between Alexandra Smith, the masseuse, and the administration of the Scottish hotel "Old Course" is still going on in Great Britain. The woman was fired after she had complained about the obscenity of one of the guests, Kevin Costner, a movie star. Miss Smith demands that she be reemployed.

The famous American actor stayed in the hotel "Old Course" while touring Europe with Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Hopper and other movie stars. Kevin Costner

- Mr. Costner asked me to come to a separate room of the hotel's spa-centre and give him a massage, - recalls Alexandra. – He was lying on his back. His reins were covered with a towel. He was curious if it would be alright if he asked me to give him a massage of the whole body. I rejected flatly and asked him what kind of massage he preferred. What Mr. Costner answered was "Sweet". That moment I thought this was a really strange name for a massage.

Then I began doing my job. When the time for his turning over to the stomach came, he suddenly pulled the towel off. And then I saw his erect penis just in front of my eyes! I was frightened to death, so I ran away. The next day I was giving a massage to Mr. Costner’s wife (he married Kristine Baumgartner only a month before the incident). I hardly held myself from telling her about her husband’s behaviour.

However, Alexandra Smith couldn’t keep it secret any more, so she reported the incident to the hotel's administration. In order to suppress the scandal, the only thing they thought of was to fire the excessively chaste masseuse. And now the court is to decide whether it is legal to throw somebody into the street if he or she refuses to look at a stranger’s penis.

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