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Man convicted of prostitution in Moldavia

A unique case in the history of Moldavian justice – a man was found guilty of prostitution. A 35-year-old citizen of Moldavian capital Kishiniov was caught right in his working place – at the hotel room where he was trying to provide his special services for $20.

Two cameras of the Moldavian police filmed the incident. The shooting full of internal stress was the main evidence at the trial.

The undressing man is a professional consoler for single ladies. Police found out about his deeds when they saw his newspaper ad. They decided to detain him at once.

A policewoman played the client’s role. Her colleagues concealed themselves next-door ready to help her. The date was filmed with two cameras in order not to miss the most important moment when the money was handed in. and at this point the man was to be captured.

The main evidence - $20- was found in the Moldavian Don Juan’s wallet. Then he had to make a declaration but unfortunately not the declaration of love.

After watching the film the judge did not believe in the man’s innocence. The prostitute was sentenced to 30 days in custody or $100 fine. The prom-trotter chose the second option and promised “to retire from his business”.

However, the Moldavian police keep watching him. New ads of the male prostitute have not appeared yet.

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