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Shop assistant bites man who tried to rob her

Sverdlovsk region, Russia. A shop assistant managed to prevent the robbery by biting a shoplifter. According to the department of private security of the Government’s Department of Internal Affairs in Sverdlovsk region, the incident took place in one of the typical Russian kiosks where the articles are sold through a small window.

While the shop girl turned away a man thrust his hand into the window and started collecting money from the cash register. When the woman saw this she immediately reached at the hand with her teeth.

According to the results of investigation, the shop assistant bit the thief several times, Interfax reports. As a result he unclenched his hand, dropped the money and ran away together with a fellow who was waiting for him near the kiosk. Soon the police detained two suspects aged 24 and 26.

It is not the only Wednesday report about the bites. In fact, the conductor of a branded Russian train “Magnitka” who did not want to pay for using a toilet in Magnitogorsk bit a policeman.

The staff of «Magnitka» train was celebrating their return from Moscow in one of the restaurants located at the Magnitagorsk railway station. One of the train conductors went to the toilet where it turned out she had to pay for using it. The woman refused to pay. Moreover, she started insulting a woman at the ticket-window. The latter called for a policeman.

Not only the conductor went at the policeman with her fists but she also started biting him.
As a result she was taken to the standby unit of the running department of internal affairs at Magnitogorsk railway station.

A case was initiated under articles 318 and 319 of the Russian Criminal Code (violent assault of representative of authority and insult of representative of authority).

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