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Michael Jackson converts to Islam, takes drugs and moves to Bahrain

Michael Jackson is going to convert to Islam. The Arabian newspaper Khaleej Times reports that he decided to move to Bahrain with his three children after the notorious trial in the USA.Michael Jackson

He intends to build a mosque near his new house. According to the newspaper, he has appropriated “a round sum” for the construction. In the mosque, the basics and principles of Islam, as well as the English language will be taught. Michael Jackson has made a contract with English instructors from the USA who will teach in that mosque in Bahrain.

At first it appeared as though Jackson was looking for a place in the suburb of Berlin. But the rumors soon faded. In the end the singer decided to move with his family to Bahrain and live there till the end of his life. According to the Arabian newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, the residence permits are being drawn up for his family and himself. Michael Jackson has already bought two huge villas on an artificial island, established an account in the local bank and purchased two cars. The singer might also have bought a palace and some ground in the vicinity of the international airport intending to build a hotel. However, this information is rejected by the government.

Two weeks ago, while staying in Dubai, Michael again managed to get involved in an unpleasant incident. Wearing jeans, a T-shirt and an Arabian kerchief he came into a lady’s bathroom in the shopping centre Ibn Batuta. His appearance frightened the Muslim women in there. When one of them insisted on a compensation, Michael Jackson refused to pay, saying that the reason he had done that was lack of knowledge of Arabian.

According to Jackson, while he feels much better in Bahrain, he is still rehabilitating after the trial.

Jackson's recent song "From the bottom of my heart" is dedicated to the victims of Katrina Hurricane. Right now the singer is busy looking for the musicians to record the song. Meanwhile, he is working on the charity single. The money collected from the sales will be given away to the victims of the disaster.

However, according to the American press, Michael Jackson might face another trial: this time he may be accused of having transported drugs from California to Bahrain. Chris Carter, the ex-security guard of the ranch house, accused of robbery, testified that Jackson had made an excessive use of antidepressants, taking up to forty pills of “Skanax” a day. According to the singer’s friends, Sneddon had already known about that before the search of the rancho in 2003, but decided to hold the information back. And now the public prosecutor is about to accuse Jackson in another misdeed.

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