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Buttocks-lifting men’s underwear enjoys immense popularity in Japan

A new line of men’s underwear that tightens the abdominal area and lifts buttocks has become amazingly popular in Japan . Even the pilot lots were sold in a few hours. Buttocks-lifting underwear

"Nowadays men really keep an eye on fashion, they're starting to pay more attention to the contours of their body and the silhouette as a whole", - said the president of Triumph International Japan, which designed the new product.

The company designed two models of corsets: one of them covers the part of the body from the navel to knees while the other lifts the buttocks. The second one is made specially for wearing with low-waist jeans. Men’s groin corsets have been selling so well that the company started thinking about designing something new. They are planning to make garments for summer clothes as well as thorax-tightening corsets.

The "corset" boom in Japan is caused by the fact that more and more Japanese males suffer from excessive weight between 20 and 40. According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, in 2005 the number of men, aged 20 to 60, suffering from excessive weight, has gone up by 29%. For comparison, in 2000 the number of overweight Japanese males was only 24%.

However, the company's president thinks that it is a new model of men's pants that makes men buy these lifting undies. The cut of the pants accentuates the curve of the hips:" Actually, the point is that men are becoming interested in fashion. After all, there aren't so many 20- and 30-year-old males in a totally bad shape.

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