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Hillary Clinton teaches her lecherous husband to keep his fly zipped

Looks like Sen. Barack Obama, a possible Democratic nominee for president, does not worry Hillary Clinton too much. She does not seem to lose her sleep thinking about her possible Republican rivals for the upcoming presidential election. Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, is her biggest concern at the moment. She could have lost her title of the First Lady eight years ago when her husband had an affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Now Hillary Clinton has good chances of becoming the first woman president of the United States if Bill does not get in the way. Bill Clinton hugging Monica Lewinsky

Infidelity was Bill Clinton’s Achilles heel before and after he was elected president of the United States. Bill Clinton was reportedly bragging to his friends that he had slept with at least 100 women during 30 years of marriage. Hillary was aware of her husband’s numerous infidelities. The Clintons reached a sort of agreement following a highly publicized scandal involving Bill and singer Jennifer Flower. Hillary agreed to close her eyes to Bill’s infidelities provided that he keeps low profile while humping around.

Bill had to take the consequences after the public became aware of the Lewinsky scandal. He could have been impeached. Hillary was wise enough to forgive her husband. In fact, her attitude helped save their family. Yet Bill continued to sleep around with other women after leaving the White House. Hillary decided to become president of the United States. By climbing to the top of the political ladder, she will take revenge on all the women her husband slept with. Her lecherous husband does not seem to be capably of keeping his fly zipped (hot pics). Bill is like an alcoholic or junkie who can relapse any moment. His extramarital affairs may cause damage to Hillary’s presidential ambitions. Therefore, Hillary demanded that Bill receive urgent treatment to be provided by a well-known doctor. Having publicly pledged his full support to Hillary’s presidential race, Bill agreed to do as told.

Doctors have already unearthed the reasons behind Bill’s problem with the sweet stuff. His mother, an attractive woman, was pregnant when his father passed away. Soon the young Bill learned the ugly truth about their parents. He found out that his father had had numerous infidelities and his mother had paid her spouse in kind. Ac cording to psychologists, Bill became extremely concerned with his sexual performance after learning of his father’s extramarital activities. Ever since that day he has been trying to outperform his father in terms of sex.

Monica Lewinsky performed the eighth fellatio on then-President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office at 18.46 on February 28, 1997. It was the first fellatio that resulted in ejaculation. The president’s semen left two stains on the famous blue dress worn by Monica that day. Those two stains effectively pulled the plug on Clinton’s political career. To mark the tenth anniversary of the historic event, Lewinsky penned yet another book of her encounters with the president of the United States. In short, the book centers on some facts and figures. Below are some examples: 

Bill was willing to perform cunnilingus on Monica on January 7, 1996. She rejected the idea citing her menses. She gave head instead. 

Monica experienced two orgasms when Bill was stimulating her genitals. 

The White House intern performed fellatio on the president nine times. However, she managed to bring him to ejaculation only twice. 

Lewinsky took an average of twenty minutes to give oral pleasure to President Clinton. 

Monica and Bill had sex on the telephone 15 times.

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