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Russian male prisoners smash their cells begging for women

In the Gatchina district of the Leningrad Region several dozens of prisoners, kept in a short term jail, rose in revolt.

According to the provisional data, about forty prisoners that had been sent to the jail from several near-by districts, rose in revolt and demanded that the warden should start negotiations with them.

It is known that at 10 P.M. the previous day twenty prisoners of the above-mentioned jail violated the order. Vasiliy Volnitsky, the deputy prosecutor of the district, said the prisoners of Cell №5 were the first to start the revolt. A 33-year-old man arrested as a suspect for robbery took the initiative while his 32-year-old cellmate arrested for identical reasons, supported him.

At first they demanded women be given to them. When the men were turned down, they began destroying their cell, turning upside down the sewerage system. The rioters kept pounding on the door and crying out threats to police officers. Then the prisoners of cell №6 supported them.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police officers managed to localize the conflict without any help. No special means or physical power were used: the conflict was solved through negotiations.

The police called for a riot squad and a special sub-unit “Typhoon" because they were afraid of the prisoners’ threats to jail personnel and their cellmates.

The prisoners were moved to another cell for the previous one had to be repaired. Some prisoners were sent off to another jail.

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