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Breasts beautifully display women's sexual nature and attract whiskers

The unusual science sternomancy, the art of telling fortunes by the form of a female breast, appeared in Spain in the 18th century. Since that time, the science has considerably advanced, and today men can learn about women judging by the form of their breasts.

Fox’ nose is bosom curved like a spring-board. Women with such bosoms have Nordic temper and keen brains. Ladies having this bosom shape are industrious as a rule which helps them become middle rank managers. It is infrequent that such women attain high positions in business. They are rather lazy to take the initiative. Women of the type easily adapt to living with any man that means they are good wives. It is important that women with fox nose bosoms are faithful wives who at the same time insatiable and rather inventive in bed.

A great number of women having even round bosom looking like an apple are frigid. It may take men much effort to make such women reach an orgasm. But women of the type are ready to try any posture in bed to make their men really happy. Such women do not like changing sex partners. Usually, these women get married in their early age and become obliging housewives. Often, these women turn out to be cleverer than their husbands.

Women with bosom resembling the pear shape are independent, willful and silly to some extent. At that, these characteristics help them to lead men by the nose. Marriage with such a woman guarantees wonderful sex and big rows.

Ladies with breasts of the triangular form are believed to be the most excitable and emancipated type. Nothing is forbidden in sex for them. They may have several sex partners a day. Women of the type usually become great actresses and masterly prostitutes.

Women whose bosom looks like an aubergine are full of love and enjoy their life. They are nice in every sphere of life. They wonderfully suit for the position of a storehouse director. But any men close to such a woman inevitably becomes a henpecked.

Girls with silicone busts are good for romantic traveling for a couple of days, but never for having a family. Majority of women with silicone breasts are subject to serious psychological problems: diffidence, fear of competition and narcissism. Sex with these girls turns out to be formal and not sensual. At that, many of silicone girls have rather high IQ.

Upstanding nipples are typical of generous, autocratic and dominating women. They love cunnilingus and position top on men.

Retracted small nipples reveal their owner is a calculating mind and is hiding her real intentions. These women believe there is nothing particular about sex but ready to fulfill any of men’s sex fantasies.

Rose-colored areas around nipples indicate a woman is tender, hearty and kind. Swarthy skin around nipples mean a woman is passionate and adventurous.

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