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Pop singer Pink enjoys the nipple piercing (pics)

“I’ve heard that breasts get more sensitive after nipple piercing. I hope that it is true and that I will not be disappointed,” pop singer Pink said before she decided to have her nipples pierced. Pink and the nipple piercingPop singer Pink

Apparently, Pink will share her post-piercing experience with the world later, when she gets used to the small bar of metal in her breast.

The singer decided to follow the example of her colleague Christina Aguilera and chose the right nipple for the piercing. Pink did not hesitate to make the operation public. Moreover, the nipple piercing was performed in her mother’s presence. The singer’s mother could hardly stay away from screaming: the woman was sitting in the room with a hand on her mouth. The singer herself was quite courageous during the entire process. The smile went off her face only when the surgeon touched her right breast and put a needle to the nipple.

It is not ruled out that the singer’s husband, Carey Hart, may decide to have intimate piercing as well - a nipple, or something more exciting.

It is worthy of note that intimate piercing may stir up scandals with airport security. Christina Aguilera has had such experiences before when the metal detector was beeping to the metal bar in her nipple. The singer had to go to a special room and reveal her breasts to prove that she was carrying no weapons.

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