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The richest bride of all Russia

21-year-old daughter of the Russian businessman Vasiliy Anisimov was labeled one of the hundred most prosperous young women of the planet by the “Forbes” magazine. So far nothing was heard of “Anechka” in her homeland Russia. But she has become quite famous among the inhabitants of the United Sates. She is known as the social lioness of Manhattan and the newspapers of New York consider her to be a symbol of the “New Russians’” expansion in the US.

Anya came to the US in 1991 as a six-year-old girl. Her father Anisimov used to specialize in aluminum sales. The rivaling parties back in those days solved the problems of competition by shooting each other, and so the caring businessman sent his family overseas.

The Podium Unconquered

At first Anya, her mother, grandmother and older sister all had only tourist visas. That is when Galina, the girls’ mother, arranged for a fictitious marriage with a willing American citizen (after she had filed for divorce in Russia ). Three years later Galina founded the “Coral Realt” company and purchased a $13 million dollar home in Manhattan . The ambitious mother dreamed up a star’s career for her daughter. She took the 13-year-old Anya to the modeling agency “Elite.” The firm’s employees were amazed by the Russians’ generosity when Anisimovs departed for their Hawaii vacation, taking with them a bunch of Anya’s girlfriends from the agency. At the age of 17 Anya realized, however, that she was not going to succeed as a superstar and gave up modeling, taking pictures for magazines and walking on the podium.

Doesn’t consider herself Russian Anya Anisimov

Anya spent her 16th birthday party at the Brooklyn ’s bar-restaurant “Rasputin.” But these days she is not to be found in the places where Russian immigrants come to hang out. Rather, she is mostly present in the restaurants such as “La Goulue” and “Cipriani,” whose customers are exclusively from the American higher circles. The young woman speaks only in English underscoring that it is her native language. A few Russian words are remembered during her rare visits with her grandmother.

The first time Anya was mentioned in the pages of American newspapers was during the summer 2004, when she was spending her break in Hampton , a fashionable vacation spot of the New York State . Following her father’s advice Anya rented out the house of American song writer Denise Rich for $530,000. This price impressed even the well-to-do Americans. With great interest they read about the young Russian who rents a stylish villa on the territory of a huge estate with seven bedrooms, a separate cottage house for guests, a tennis court, an indoor pool and an outdoor pool.

Anya got involved with the “cream of the society” through the banker Jeff Goldstein. At one point the girl told her friends that she is not interested in becoming the Russian Immigration Tsarina but rather an American Queen.

The First Misfortune

Having given up the modeling business Anya followed the footsteps of her father. Just like her older sister Angelina she began her studies at the New York University with a major in marketing and advertisement. However, within a year Anya stopped attending the classes.

At 19 the younger daughter of Anisimov attempted her first business deal. For $23 million she purchased two 45-meter townhouses of 1,700 square meters in Manhattan. Anya told the journalists that she planned to build the Realtor Empire, thereby conquering New York . But the deal produced only losses. Commenting on the purchase the brokers said that Anya paid too much. A year later the municipality demanded that Ms. Anisimov get rid of the upper stories of the townhouses. As it turned out the building exceeded the maximum height limits.

Katya Lavrova’s Girlfriend.

Now Anya spends her evenings in expensive clubs. Among her girlfriends is the social princess Lizzie Grubman. Taking a ride in her father’s Mercedes Lizzie ran over a couple of people standing in line to a local nightclub and had to serve time. Another friend of Anya is a student of the Columbian University Katya Lavrova, the daughter of Russia ’s foreign minister.

One time the reporters spotted Anya in the company of the Irish actor Eamon Early, who is a known “badboy.” The two were hugging and grew very nervous when they heard the camera snaps. Later Anya insisted that there was nothing between Early and her. Not long after the incident she became quite open about dating David Wiser, a businessman from Florida . Besides the romance the couple shares a common interest in reel estate.

Translated by Natalia Vysitskaya

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