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Donkey meat in urine becomes a new delicatessen

One of the restaurants in the northeastern China had Amur tiger’s meat on their menu, dish, which is considered illegal because the animal is endangered specie. However, the dainty turned out to be donkey’s meat sauced with urine of a tiger.

Hufulou restaurant that is situated close to the Heidauhezi reserve where tigers are kept was advertising grilled tiger’s meat for $98 per serving. As a complement the liquor infused on tiger’s bone was offered for $74 for a bottle. Fresh meat was sold at $864 for a kilogram, The China Daily reports.

It is illegal to sell tiger’s meat in China, so the authorities closed the restaurant. However, it turned out later that the customers were offered donkey’s meat with tiger’s urine instead of a sauce.

According to the restaurant’s owner Ma Shikun the meat was flavored with tiger urine to give the dish the special “tang”. 

Authorities confiscated the restaurant’s profits and fined Ma $300. It is not reported what he was fined for, as selling donkey meat is not illegal in China.

At first Ma Shikun claimed that the dishes were cooked from the dead tigers meat. But after the expertise he told the truth. The head of the reserve also turned out all the possible accusations saying that he did not sell any dead tigers.

Amur Tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the world. Its population does not exceed 500 species. Chinese people think that its meat, whiskers, bones and other parts can fill a human with energy, in terms of sexual life as well. 

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