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New Moscow toilets strike imagination with luxury and no water

toiletYou will feel like a stranger in some kind of a museum while using new luxury toilets in Moscow. No, the toilet bowl is not made of gold though it is said to be state-of-the-art in terms of engineering concept. The most important thing, ordinary Muscovites will be able to use it. Two units will be installed in the city when the Moscow authorities choose the right locations.

Saucy little flowers decorate the exterior of the toilet. That is the first most noticeable thing about the facility. “The decoration is meant to change the attitude of the philistines to a toilet as something filthy. It should also try and change the attitude to Russia as a country known for its dirty toilets,” says Vladimir Moksunov, director general of the Russian Toilet Association.

The toilet is divided into two parts, Asian and European respectively. There is just a hole in the ground in the first booth for those who prefer defecating while squatting. A regular bowl is installed in the other booth. Now pay attention. Water is not used in either case for flushing body wastes. The faeces are removed by using special powder (another invention by Russians specialists). The use of powder keeps the bowl and vicinity spanking clean.

You will be definitely impressed after taking a look inside the toilet bowl. It has two compartments with a partition specially designed to guide the urine into one tank and the faeces into the other one.

“The thing is that urine produces 18 substances dangerous to humans when it mixes with solid waste matter. Besides, the combination is a source of a variety of disgusting smells. Various bacteria start actively multiply both inside the bowl and on the toilet seat. Do you happen to know why plague ravaged across Europe and Russia in the Middle Ages? The pots with mixed excrements are to blame. They were just poured out into the streets contaminating everything within good range. So we decided to keep the wastes separated in our toilets. By the way, a Russian inventor first came with the original design of the toilet back to 1870. But the concept never materialized,” says Mr. Moksunov.

The toilet is an all-year-round facility since it is heated up when temperatures drop outside. Specialists claim that room temperature will be maintained inside even if there is -30 degrees Celsius outside. Powerful filters for air purification are located under the ceiling.

There is yet another piece of know-how used in the toilet design. Water used in the sinks circulates back to fill the flush tanks after it completes purification, it does not get into the sewers. Water can go “round in circles” in the device up to three months.

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