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President of Turkmenistan becomes father of all penguins

penguinsThe President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov,  known for his modesty and wisdom, has made a hard, both for himself and his country, but a very humane decision. Thousands of poor animals are starving and dying all around the world. Why not sheltering them on the hospitable Turkmen land? The climate is warm and sunny, and there are lots of honey melons. With the help of Turkish firms, the construction of a new Zoo was launched in the desert of Karakorum. There will be enough space for all animals, penguins including. In their breeding grounds, penguins, whales and seals face the prospect of starvation. The point is that the krill population has dramatically decreased in the Arctic Zone due to atmosphere warming - the ice melts, and seaweeds under it perish. Krill has always fed on seaweeds. But now  penguins have been rescued.

Mr. Niyazov, also known as Turkmenbashi, or the Father of all Turkmens, is not even worried that the air temperature in the Zoo site sometimes goes up to +40°С. Polar inhabitants have had enough time to acclimatize: global warming didn't begin yesterday. If the temperature becomes unbearable for them, they will be put under "conditions similar to their habitat", made especially for the guests. The president is quite generous about such things. The construction of the Zoo will cost the well-to-do Turkmen tens of millions of dollars.

Comfortable dwellings for guests from remote places will be ready in a year. The Ministry of conservancy decides on the species that will be placed in the Zoo (the Turkmenian desert isn't infinite to accommodate all the living animals).The resulting number of the inhabitants will come up to three hundred.

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