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The memoirs of a porno professor

It is no fun being old. Health problems, loneliness, depression. You have to forgo lots of pleasant  things not to mention romantic relationships. Instead, you spend most of the time lying on a sofa, watching TV, recalling your sowing wild oats years ago. Ezio Capizzano

Ezio Capizzano, the 70-year-old law professor from Italy, would definitely object to the above life style. Notwithstanding his advanced age, he still shows an apparent interest in the matters of sex. These days his interest largely takes the shape of a book, which was published last week. The book is called The Last Baron In A Campus of Tulips. The book looks set to enter the bestseller lists. Capizzano gives lavish details of his “lessons of love” in the book. It also contains excerpts of letters from students and Capizzano’s musings on philosophy and religion.

The lecturer in agrarian and commercial law in the University of Camerino lost his job in 2002 after his sex videos were made public. A nationwide scandal ensued. Capizzano was dubbed “the porno prof” by the Italian media. The professor was charged with rape. In June 2004, he was cleared of obtaining sexual favors in exchange for boosting grades. The court ruled that female students had taken part in sex sessions, secretly filmed by the professor, of their own free will.

“I’d do it again,” said Capizzano after the judge handed out the decision. “But maybe not in the same place, and selecting the girls more carefully,” added he. His career as a law lecturer is finished, anyway. That is why he decided to try his hand at writing memoirs. His first book seems to be a success.

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