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Women adore men tickling their scrotums

Sava Bojovich, a doctor at a Russian sexology clinics, has discovered that a weak discharge passed through a scrotum makes a man sterile for a certain period of time. According to professor Bojovich, he hadn’t invented anything new. It had been known for a long time that electricity and heat lower the mobility of spermatozoa.  “We just calculated the power of electric discharge that wouldn’t destroy the man’s reproductive function. By using electrodes we put sperm to sleep  for no more than two weeks," the doctor said.

Bojovich’s first patients are very happy with the result. They say the procedure is absolutely painless, it just tickles a little. When the doctor holds two wires to the scrotum and lets the electric current pass through the sensible organ, some patients may start laughing because of the tickling feeling.

Professor Bojovich has already designed a new portable version of his invention. He hopes it could be promoted for sale. Men would thus be able to tickle their scrotums with current at home and forget about their partners' unwanted pregnancy whining .

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