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Bush to eat meals cooked by woman chef

White House hired first woman chef. The search lasted six months and was directed by the first lady of the US Laura Bush. Cristeta Comerford from Philippines worked for 10 years under former executive chef Walter Sheib III, who resigned in February. Sheib was appointed by Hillary Clinton. He signed a contract recently, according to which he will write a book about cooking at the White House. After he resigned many American chefs started sending their CVs to the White House hoping to take up this post. The lucky one was Comerford. From now on she will be responsible for designing menus and cooking for the President, his family and their private parties.

Besides, she will be in charge of cooking dishes for black-tie dinners. In his last years of working at the White House Sheib was earning $100 thousand per year. Comerford made a good impression last month, when she designed the menu for the black-tie dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. There were 134 people at the dinner. Before Comerford was appointed a group representing woman chefs asked Laura Bush to choose a woman for the post. Members of the group believed that such appointment will pave the way to the changes in food industry, where women occupy 40 per cent of all positions, but only 4 per cent of executive ones. Working as a chief at the White House is not that easy: there are two thousand people who dine at the President’s Residence every year.

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