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Topless car wash girls illegal in Moscow?

Women working at a car wash in Moscow (Idaho, USA) have appealed against a law recently passed by the local authorities that regulates how people should look being in public places. The women fear that they may lose many clients because the law prohibits to work topless, like they did before.

The Moscow municipal council seriously decided to improve the morals of the citizens. Henceforth, women in Moscow are prohibited to wear clothes that reveal their bosoms too much, not to mention walking topless! The maximum women are allowed is a top with a not very deep neck. The local car wash will certainly suffer the greatest losses because uniform of women working there is topless. The car wash has been extremely popular among local men because of this uniform. Men usually combined the use and pleasure at the car wash: when their cars were washed, the men liked to watch topless women. The car wash business was a great success before the law was adopted, now it may seriously suffer. As soon as women at the car wash conceal their bosoms, the establishment will become a regular one, without any peculiarities. Quite naturally, number of clients will seriously decrease. Owner of the car wash, 22-year-old Daisy Maise, the woman who suggested the topless idea, and three young women working at the car wash picketed the entrance to the municipal council with a demand to repeal the law prohibiting topless. The women were topless to demonstrate the protest. They complained that the business was declining. However, the women won’t give up; they want to find new ways to demonstrate their beauties. The car wash has been transferred to a small shady street, away from the respectable public in hope that the secret location will save the car wash from the law

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