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Belarus to attack Lithuania with thousands of pigs in return to Lithuania's plans to build spent nuclear fuel pools

There is a serious scandal being stirred up between the two neighboring states, Lithuania and Belarus. The scandal is gathering steam because of the construction dispute to build spent nuclear fuel storage facilities and pig-breeding farms.

Lithuanian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Antanas Valenis, promised to take adequate measures in return in the event Belarus was going to launch the construction of two pig-breeding complexes on the border with Lithuania. It is noteworthy that the two pig farms, which Belarus plans to build, will be the largest pig complexes in Europe. More importantly, however, Belarus plans to “attack the Baltic state with pigs” in revenge to Lithuania's initiative to build spent nuclear fuel storage facilities on the border with Belarus, RIA Novosti reports.

The pig-breeding complexes would be able to house 108,000 heads each; they are planned to be built only several kilometers far from the borderline with Lithuania. The head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Lithuania said that the construction project would bring considerable damage to the regional environment. The minister added that Belarus would have to deal with international sanctions if it proceeded with its piggy plans. Spokespeople for Belarussian authorities in their turn deny any connection between the pig farm plans and the spent nuclear fuel facilities.

The Lithuanian project would damage the tourist industry of Belarus: the facility to store spent nuclear fuel is to be built near one of national parks of Belarus.

According to the international law, Belarus does not have a right to hinder the construction of the facilities, although it does have a right to be informed about the technical data of the project. In addition, Belarus can invite independent ecological experts for their expertise.

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