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Briber eats his own bribe when he realizes he is being arrested

money 100 dollar noteA Russian man, who was caught red-handed when he tried to bribe police officers, attempted to destroy the evidence and eat the money, when he was being arrested.

The man, a citizen of the city of Ussuriisk (Russia's Siberia), was previously charged with growing narcotic plants. He offered 100,000 rubles (about $3,500) to an investigator and asked the officer to close the file and release him. The local police arrested the man for growing hemp.

The police schemed an operation to arrest the briber red-handed at the moment when he would be handing the money to the officer.

The drug dealer tried to destroy the evidence of another crime of his and attempted to eat the bribe. When the police arrested him, the man was chewing a 100-dollar note. Now the man has been charged with bribery.

It is worthy of note that it was not the first occurrence in Russia's criminal practice when perpetrators, frightened with imminent imprisonment, desperately tried to eat their money. The police of Murmansk (in Russia's north) liquidated an illegal laboratory producing synthetic drugs. Several police officers pretended to be drug-addicted clients to expose the criminals. They gave the dealers previously marked notes for the drugs. When the officers showed their IDs to the sellers, the latter started eating money.

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