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Aliens live in human brain

Psychologist Frederick Malmstrom of the U.S Air Force Academy has observed that the typical representation of an alien is in the brain of every human being. He announced that the image of the alien is no different to the image of the mother that is in a baby’s brain from the moment of birth and remains there their whole life. This discovery has allowed scholars all over the world to claim that extra-terrestrial beings exist in our heads and not in other universes. A humanoid and a human embryo

Malmstrom has become interested in this because people, who claim to have been abducted by aliens, when asked to describe the aliens all draw the classic image of a person with grey skin, a big head, small mouth and chin, and smooth features.

Can it be that the inhabitants of one “extremely dishonest” civilization have seized all those abducted? Such a suggestion seemed strange to Malmstrom. He, as a believer in science, prefers to support the view that states that people see aliens when they are in the brief state between sleep and waking up. At this time images that appear in a person’s mind reside deep in the sub-conscience. Where in our brain does the image of an alien come from?

Malmstrom considered many different possibilities and has come to a conclusion. He believes that the image of an extra-terrestrial being, which man sees when half-asleep, is generated by the primitive maternal image that a person has seen straight after birth. The scholar has proven this theory. Malmstrom collected all known information about the vision babies have just been born and then edited the image of a woman taking the sight of a baby into consideration; astigmatism, small focal plane, lack of precision, abnormal perception of light and so on. He found that the image of a woman became very much like the archetypal image of an alien.

Skeptics of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings immediately criticized the psychologist’s work, claiming that aliens do not appear in such a simple manner. They say that the aliens impregnate women on earth and that the subsequent pregnancy is that of an extra-terrestrial being and not a sleep-induced hallucination. It is true that they cannot put forward any hybrid species as evidence to scientists. Members of the extra-terrestrial civilization steal embryos at the initial stage of development.

Many animals are born with visual images already implanted in the brain. For example, newly-hatched chicks instinctively hide from the shade and like hawks they do not react to any shade. A newly-born baby also has such natural reactions. Up until the age of two months infants react to everything that recalls the human image and are completely indifferent to everything else.

Thousands of women, who have seen aliens, claim that they have had sexual contact with them. As a consequence of this contact there has often been pregnancy and yet another alien has been born with the intention of increasing the alien race. Statistics have shown that in ninety percent of cases the fetuses are visible in the ninth or tenth week of pregnancy. From the very beginning researchers have been surprised by why aliens want aborted embryos. It must just be for experiments. They have, however, come to another conclusion. A nine-week old embryo is a carbon-copy of an alien. They have little hands, legs and a huge head with big eyes without pupils. Perhaps on their planet there are conditions that only out of these prematurely born children can they grow similar. Evidently we have much in common with them or at least our mothers look very similar to them.

Express Gazeta

Translated by Michael Simpson

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