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New erotic kit guarantees 100 percent distant sex

The new hi-tech invention of the sex industry allows to enjoy the pleasure of "distant sex." Each kit contains: a computer board, headphones and a microphone for naughty communication online. Everything is complete with a vibrator or a vagina (depending on user's sex) - they are connected to personal computers through computer boards.

According to instructions, a male partner can control the vibrator of a woman and talk to her on the microphone, whereas the female partner in her turn is able to manipulate the vagina used by a man. When the sensual system is connected to the computer and the online connection is established with a partner, the screen menu offers a variety of choices: vigorous movements or tender vibrations of a dildo, a strong or a delicate grip of a vagina. Two partners can thoroughly enjoy the reality of virtual sex with the help of the product - all they have to do is to move a mouse. He remotely controls the vibrator in a woman's body, while she is remotely in charge of the appropriately used vagina. Chinese technicians, who participated in the invention of the 190-dollar erotic system, say that everything is reliable and does not lead to any technical malfunctions during operation. Express Gazeta

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