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Men fantasize about many women; many women fantasize about one man

sexual fantasiesIf a person has sexual fantasies it means that he or she has high libido. However, this concerns women specifically. Those women who fantasize about sex several times a day, let’s say, have stronger sexual appetite and may eventually receive the ultimate satisfaction from sex. Sexual fantasies help females get more pleasure from sex, just like it happens with males.

Both women and men have sexual fantasies when having sex. That is why it is quite normal for a man to picture Angelina Jolie when he has sex with girlfriend or wife. However, one should not forget that she may probably imagine some hot love with Brad Pitt at the same moment. If a sexual partner tries to think of someone else during an act of love, it does not mean that he or she is uncomfortable with the person, who participates in the fulfillment of the basic human instinct physically, not visionally.
Fantasies help people increase sexual excitement and raise it to a new qualitative level.

Here is a short list of typical male and female sexual fantasies

1. Men usually imagine sex with several partners at a time. Women, as a rule, imagine sex with one man, but can be exceptions, of course.

2. Unlike men, women never visualize their partner's sexual organs. They always concentrate on their own emotional response.

3 Female fantasies are usually characterized by the presence of some romantic atmosphere: seashore, waterfall, forest and so on.

4. A woman usually pictures herself being passive during a sexual act, when she receives pleasure from a man.

5. Women's fantasies are more emotional and reflect women's desire to be with a faithful and careful partner. Men, on the contrary, see themselves relaxing with several women, whom they do not even know. A typical male moans and groans when he imagines beautiful girls coming to his room and pleasing him one after another.

6 Women have bisexual fantasies more often than men.

7. Women are not fond of practicing fetish-linked fantasies during their sexual acts. Needless to say that if a woman fantasizes about a new dress, she gets out of bed and goes to a department store, where this fantasy becomes a part of reality instantly. Simple as that.

If partners speak about their sexual fantasies with each other, it may make their relationship stronger. When you know what your partner wants you can take them to heaven (and then come down to earth).

This is what a lot of men fantasize about way too often - photo gallery

And this is a fragment of women's sexual fantasies, also in a photo gallery

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