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The compatibility of social position and sex

Why are men and women often attracted to the people of lower social position? History knows a lot of examples, when kings’ or queens’ lovers became very influential state figures.

As a matter of fact, the attraction to people of lower social status is not a widely-spread tendency, as it is generally believed. This tendency amid women is not so high as amid men. As a rule, if a woman is attracted to someone of lower class, then her attraction is basically explained with sexual desire. A woman always wants to have a husband of higher or at least similar position as hers. The attraction to men of lower class was especially noticeable in the beginning of the 20th century. This is explained with the beginning of the sexual revolution. It turned out that it was easier to find a sexual partner amid common men, since mental-work-men were often incapable of intensive sex life. Furthermore, love affairs with the people of lower social position gave a feeling of superiority. In addition to that, it is not always comfortable to offer some sort of indecent way of having sex to an intelligent husband. It is very easy to do that with a common guy, though.Nevertheless, this peculiarity is basically typical for men. Men have better erection and longer sexual intercourse, when they are in contact with a subordinated woman. This situation gives a man a feeling of psychological confidence. He is not afraid of losing this kind of woman, because she will not be willing to lose him herself. But of course, sexual relations do not mean that lovers will get married afterwards. A man can marry a woman of lower class, but this is very unlikely to happen among ladies. For a woman, there is a status deprivation factor in such a marriage, because woman’s status is usually determined with her husband’s position in the society. The higher his position is, the more important persona his wife is getting. A man will never be deprived of his social position, if he marries a backstreet girl. A man's status does not at all depend on his wife. It definitely depends on his own achievements. There are a lot of historic instances to illustrate the popularity of love affairs between noble and common people. Take Russian Tsarina Ekaterina and Grigory Orlov, Elizabeth Tailor and her bulldozer driver, the list goes on and on. Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scots, was very disappointed in her husband, Lord Darnley, who was not good in bed. She was getting fond of the companionship of her secretary, David Rizzio. Darnley was terribly jealous of him and he had him assassinated right before Mary’s eyes. English Princess Matilda married King Christian VII, but then she realized that her husband was too imbecile to govern the country. He was not a man of full value either, so the princess paid attention to the kings’ doctor. The doctor’s career went up to the sky: he became the teacher of the heir, and then took the position of Matilda’s secretary. Erotic News

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