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Russian politician determined to stop migration of birds to fight avian flu

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Vice-Speaker of the State Duma, considers the bird flu a modern way of war actions and suggests that all migrant birds be shot down when they fly to Russia in spring. "We should make the government stop the bird migration. There won't be any more migrations, the birds shall stay in the South. We have to shoot down all birds. All males, beginning from Sochi to the Crimea, must be armed.  Migrant birds shall stay were they are,” – he said at the plenary session on Wednesday, January 11th. migration of birds

He considers this to be the best way of fighting bird flu. Zhirinovsky also thinks that bird flu is the most modern way of waging a war.

 “I’m not joking, it’s the most modern way of waging a war. Some harmless birds fly around the country, the result is people suffering from lack of food and dying.

"On its way through many regions, the bird flu persisted in Turkey. It captured the country of seventy million in three days. And now, in March, all these flocks of birds will cross the Black Sea to proceed to Russia,” he added.

Some time before the session, the Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered that the government work out a plan to prevent the penetration of bird flu in Russia.

He also added that due preventive measures must be subsidized by the government.

The President pointed out that “all countries along Russian borders  have already faced this problem. These are China, Turkey, the Ukraine, and Romania”. In this connection, the President urged that railways, aviation, food market, and bordering territories be taken under sanitary control.

According to the WHO, over 70 people have died from bird flu in Asia beginning 2003. The H5N1 strain, that can be lethal to people was first found in Hong Kong in 1997. The second bird flu outbreak took place in 2003 in South Korea. Then it passed over to China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Russia and, finally, to the European countries, including Ukraine.

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