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Men still get shivers when they see women driving

Even these days there is a lot of prejudice concerning aptness of women to cope with the tasks that used to be men’s privilege. One of the abilities that has always been doubted is women’s driving skills.woman having car trouble

In spite of the fact that the growing number of women start to drive, and as numerous surveys say they can drive a car at least as well as men do, or very often even better, men aren’t really happy about giving a car to the hands of the weaker sex.

As the sociological surveys in Great Britain demonstrated, about one-third of men really doubt that their “significant other” is capable of driving a car (even if she has passed the final exams at the auto school). And what is more, 14% of them even said they didn’t believe that women could be good drivers. Therefore, they would never let them drive their beloved car.

Only 29% of men are ready to take on the role of a passenger while a woman is driving. Under the conditions, they prefer either not to go anywhere by car with their wives or demand that they have to drive instead. 

Moreover, men also think that women are incapable of reading maps. One-fourth of these guys said they were willing to give the woman their car only for a short period of time and on a straight road with no turns. Now and then, men insist on holding the steering wheel with one hand and turning over the pages of the map with the other, sometimes even stop the car, only not give it to a woman.

But men never doubt their own driving skills. Well, who if not them can drive a car well? Only two percent of respondents showed doubt in their capability for passing again a driving test. Meanwhile, the real life showed that everything is a bit different than most men think: the research conducted in 15 European countries showed that over half of men with the driving record did not know the answers to the rules of the road questions and were incapable of passing a driving test again.

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