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FHM’s rating turns goddess into countryside slut

People say that downfalls are particularly painful for those whose triumph was dashing and fast. And this is the truth that once mega pop-star Britney Spears is experiencing now. Today, the young mother feels her everyday life is filled just with care about the baby and other family problems. For more than half a year already, Britney has been in the focus of tabloids that carefully watch family life troubles change the popular singer for the worse. It seems that after Britney gave birth to her son she decided to absolutely neglect her looks. And the result turns out to be really shocking for the public. When we look at Britney today, we can hardly recollect her being a really sexy girl at the very beginning of her career when she was so much proud of being a virgin. She was still lovely when just became Missis Spears after marrying Kevin Federline. Britney Spears

And it is a quite natural result that the plump singer is now facing the decline in popularity. Once the sexiest woman of the planet, today Britney makes up the category of the most tasteless and unattractive women of the planet. Recently, FHM men’s magazine ranked the singer first in the rating of 100 Unsexiest Women of the World. Besides, the authors of the rating attached rather ironical comments to the rating and said that Britney “is just a countryside jillaroo and a slut from the States”.

The only thing that may cheer the dethroned pop-goddess up is that the same rating also ranked beauties usually popular with men as unsexiest as well. Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera and Naomi Campbell are among them. And it is FHM only that can explain how all of them at all appeared on one and the same rating. The rating authors state that Nicole Kidman’s scientology views really scare men away. Christina Aguilera was ranked among unsexiest women of the world because the rating authors consider her ‘mega-loveful’. And Naomi is reproached for her hard treatment of men.

There are two more singers among FHM’s 100 Unsexiest Women of the World. Celine Dion is said to be as cold as “an ice desert”. Ex-Spice Girls Victoria Beckham is called unsexy because she is “too lean” and her body shape is very much like that of a child, certainly if we do not take her silicone into consideration.

Among the young usexiest girls, there are some older women. FHM journalists placed into the rating Donatella Versace and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles who seems to be attractive only for Karl Lagerfeld and her husband Prince Charles.

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