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Sex is like glue that makes men and women stick together

It goes without saying that sexual life is the most important and almost the only factor (love is the other one) that keeps the marriage going. Don’t believe anybody who says the opposite: they are simply not happy with their lives. Many people judge about such things on the basis of their far too limited personal experience and knowledge. Man and woman in bed

They think that everybody should follow their example. If they don't live up to those rules, people consider them strange and sick. Those who are “different” are always despised and banished from society. Every person is individual while the society has many different characteristics. Sexual functions of a person are not an exception. When we talk about this, we should also keep in mind, that in our country, sex has been spoken about only for the last twenty years.

But it wasn’t like that always. According to historians, philosophy, one of the ancient sciences, in the beginning of its formation paid 95% of its attention to sex relations and only 5% to the study of the outer world. The Middle Ages tabooed to mention anything connected to sex.

In the last thirty years, after the beginning of the sexual revolution, there have been written more books and articles about intimate relations than ever before.

So, why is sex so important in human life? Besides the childbearing function and a series of physiological actions needed to keep it working, sexual life has many other socially important functions that hold man and woman together.

At the same time :

-man protects woman during her child-bearing

-man helps woman in the period of her breast-feeding the child

-the man passes his own life experience to his sons

-the man serves as a mother to his children in case of her dying or losing ability to work

- people strive for living in groups and this helps them survive

-people communicate and this lets them develop and store knowledge, skills, experience, means of production, results of their work, etc.

In spite of the so-called sexual revolution and the huge variety of movies and literature about sexual life, the number of divorces has gone up and reached 30-40% in countries like Great Britain, France and Germany. In Ukraine, half of all marriages end in divorce. There are many reasons why the people decide to get divorced but the main one is the sexual disharmony of the married couple. And what is more interesting, in 8 out of 10 cases, it is the woman who is the initiator of the divorce. The growing number of divorces can be explained by the fact that the subject of sexual relations in the period of the sexual revolution had rather a commercial than a scientific meaning. This leaded to the lack of real knowledge about sex in men and women. So now people can only rely on their own sexual experience, on their friend's advice, on their intuition or on the circumstances.

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