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Russian woman enjoys bath with her rare pussy cat naked

The only Asian jungle-cat in Russia lives in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. It doesn't hunt mice. It prefers fish from the nearest supermarket as its prey. Naked woman and her big pussy cat

A person, who worked as a zoologist at the Krasnoyarsk zoo had to sell a little kitten to Tatiana, the jungle-cat's owner, because the kitten's mother refused to feed it. The kitten was given an aristocratic name John Davis.

John differs greatly from usual cats that are woundily afraid of water. He can't simply live without water. His favorite place in the flat is the bathroom, especially when his "new mother" Tatiana is there in the bathtub.

Having heard the sound of flowing water, John immediately heads to the bathroom, then skillfully opens the door and jumps into the bath. The only way to make him get out is to add some soap or shampoo into the water. The big cat hates foam.

For John the bathroom is much more the place of bathing. He spends there almost all his spare time. John Davis either sits quietly on the toilet bowl or hunts fish in the bath. Tatiana always buys live carps for her pet. It helps the animal improve its hunting skills.

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